Unfortunately we didn't win any of the cash in this lottery,

However, TOPAZ is giving us 250€

Thank You to all who collect the stamps and Thank You TOPAZ !!!

Topaz Cash for Clubs logo

Old traces …

Sicily4th century AD, Cicily, Villa Romana del Casale.

Looks like one to one warm-up.

Only hard to tell, MIKASA or MOLTEN?

Photo: M. Blaszkowski.

PVG v NUIG Intermidiet Team

Magisto snippets from a friendly game between:

NUIG Intermidiet Team and Polish Volleyball, Galway  (0:3)

NUIG Kingfisher Galway, 2015/03/15

Photos: Rafal Zambrzycki - "All In The Lens Photography"

Polish Volleyball - Galway
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